• Kathy's recent work - Urban Evening - Collage.

    Urban Evening is the second in a series (see Urban Twilight in the Places Gallery) inspired by my love of ‘found’ materials – in this instance discarded photographs containing intriguing textures and forms. I envisaged an evening light and the image developed in response to the torn shapes and colours chosen. This resulted in an imaginary cityscape with many intriguing secret alleys and corners. It is my intention to add further collages to this series, perhaps ‘Sunrise’ and ‘Midnight’, to enable me to really explore the moods generated by various colour schemes and the impact of the diverse shapes and forms which combine to give a surreal city landscape.
    I was delighted that this artwork received The Bill Dale Award at the 61st Annual Open Exhibition of the Hertford Art Society in May 2013.
  • Kathy's recent work - Place - Stoneware.

    The inspiration for this 8 piece stoneware sculpture came from an earlier work in wood (see The Pond at Horta in the Sculpture Gallery). I developed the design in clay, using a pentagonal layout to enable the individual elements to be sited in many ways to create an interchangeable sculpture, a puzzle almost, where the structural elements, the sight lines and shadows can be playfully positioned. There are elements of buildings, gateways, shelters and paths. The spiral flows in contrast with the more formal shapes and the surface decoration hints at activity and life within. It is a work of imagination which, hopefully, engages the viewer and invites exploration. To my delight ,Place was judged as the best 3D work in the 2012 Hertford Art Society Open Exhibition by Paul Bainbridge, a sculptor whose work I admire.
  • Kathy's recent work - Tabletop with Blue Bottle - Collage

    This collage started life an art workshop using a still life set up for inspiration. This was a departure for me - trying to portray actual objects rather than an imaginary subject. I revisited the collage over a few weeks and adapted the original design with a blue bottle and wooden pot which were invented to improve the composition. I am particularly pleased with the subtle shading and colour which I was able to create in the background and foreground areas - the materials are the most important element in this work.